Mis Fotos..

A place to post the many pictures I've taken.. I will also be taking an individual photo every single day (for a year starting December 17th, 2011..) so that in the near future, I may reflect on the many different events and experiences that occured, through my photos.. blah blah blah.. ay cabron. Eso es todo.

Permalink #15!! Saturday December 31st, 2011… GOODBYE 2011!! Chilled at my aunts house then went home, played Guitar Hero with my brother and “sister”. Got on FaceTime with Yoda and my iPod somehow ended up in the x-mas tree, which gave me the idea for this picture :P
Permalink #14!! Friday December 30th, 2011.. My cat..
Permalink #13!! Thursday December 29th, 2011.. Went to Southlands with the Punkass :P haha. Love how this picture turned out.
Permalink #12!! Wednesday December 28th, 2011… My friend who visits me quite often.
Permalink #11!!! Tuesday December 27th, 2011.. Yet another night of intense Guitar Hero playing.  Good times…
Permalink #10!! Monday December 26th, 2011… While everyone else was out shopping, we basically stayed in and played Guitar Hero ALL day :] Things got intense xD
Permalink #9!! Sunday December 25th, 2011… Christmas Day! Spent the day with some family then watched Christmas movies all night long.
Permalink #8!! Saturday December 24th, 2011… Christmas Eve!! Everyone was getting wasted.. Alex got back from Cuba :)
Permalink #7!!! Friday December 23rd, 2011…. Jorge’s birthday!! Thought I’ do something nice for him :P haha!